Choosing A Winning Game – Game Odds

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Choosing a winning game, whether it is the Alaskan Fishing slot or any other, can start with becoming familiar with what games regularly win. To do this you can often go to the casino site itself.

The odds of winning at Alaskan Fishing is 96.63%

At the Zodiac casino and others listed here, you will find the winners list. This goldmine of information shows which games have recently had large wins.

It also indicate which games are popular. However, the most played games may not have the best odds of winning. When new games are introduced, especially hot themes, many players will flock to play them. This results in a lot of big wins.

Game Name: Alaskan Fishing
Game Type: Slot
Player Odds of Winning: 96.63%
Highest Slot Game Odds of Winning: 97.5%
Highest Progressive Games Odds of Winning: 99.62%
Highest Table Game Odds of Winning: 99.91%
Highest Video Poker Game Odds of Winning: 99.92%
Highest Misc Game Odds of Winning: 98.99%

So, in addition to the winners list, it also helps to know how much the game is designed to pay out! Once you know that, you can compare it to other games.

The lesson here is to make an informed decision when you play, regardless of which game you choose to play!

Tip: The odds of winning are determined over the a long range of time. Even though the progressive game has a good overall percentage of payout, only one lucky winner will win the big jackpot in that time.