Winners Tips and Comments

Congratulations! How do you feel?!?
I feel very happy – I cannot believe I won using a bonus from the casino 🙂

You won playing Basketball Star – what is it that you like about this game?
It’s amazing! I love that game – it’s just unreal.

Have you told anyone about your big win yet?
My family and my girlfriend; I have a baby on the way, so it’s a good time to win 🙂

What was your family’s reaction?!
They are very happy for me; they cannot believe I won playing at an online casino.

Do you have plans already as to how you will spend your winnings?
I am not sure yet but I’ll use some of it to set up my little family for sure.

Any tips or tricks to share?
Don’t count on winning to resolve your problems; just play for fun and enjoy all the fun games on offer! Also, don’t put too much money on at the start, be patient.

Please complete this sentence: “Golden Tiger…”
Is one on the best online casinos because it is part of the Casino Rewards group!

P.S. won CA$13,300 on Basketball Star using a free bonus at Golden Tiger Casino!

Congrats to July Winners!

Winners Comments May 2016

Congratulations to T.F., who deposited $1 and won $25,355 on Mega Moolah at Zodiac Casino. Here’s a copy of the chat he had with VIP host Jane following his win:

T.F. says: I dropped my phone in shock as I have never won anything like this before! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE TEAM at Zodiac Casino – I feel truly blessed!
Jane says: Did you have a strategy when you started playing?
T.F. says: My strategy was just bet the highest I could as I only had a dollar to lose.
Jane says: So why Mega Moolah? Why did you choose that game?
T.F. says: An ad popped up on Facebook saying to claim 80 Free Spins, I deposited $1 and got credited a bonus $20 on top.
Jane says: Do you already know what you will do with your winnings?
T.F. says: I can now give my parents the beautiful holiday they have been dreaming about and put money aside for my daughter’s schooling!
Jane says: Did you have a feeling you were going to win that day? A sixth sense maybe?
T.F. says: Noooo wayyyy! I just thought, why not give it a go, it’s only a dollar?
Jane says: Do you have any tips or tricks to give other players? How to win big?
T.F. says: If you’re going to play it and have the bonus credit added to your balance, play high and take a risk, it’s only a dollar that you will lose out on.
Jane says: Who do you plan to tell first? Your daughter?
T.F. says: I will not tell her but surprise her with an adventure and new things for her sporting and dancing activities.
Jane says: How nice. 🙂
T.F. says: I will most likely transfer money to my mum’s account and wait for her to call me once she sees the money in her account. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FROM ME AND MY FAMILY! Nothing can be more amazing then what I already feel 😉