KM won CA$38,226 on Mega Moolah

I feel great! I decided to play and see if I could come into a little bit of extra money; times are tough and things have not been too good around here for the last year.

The sounds and features of the game are what make Mega Moolah so much fun to play. Seeing the Mega Moolah wheel come down is very exciting. I thought it was going to land on the $10 section but it didn’t! It was very shocking, the wife doesn’t believe me. She keeps saying, “It’s not real!”

My tips and tricks for others players? Positive thinking! I’ve won a few things in my life with that attitude! There is some luck involved, but ultimately if you don’t play, you can’t win.

I don’t play at any casino except Captain Cooks Casino now! Thanks for my chance to win a fortune!

K.M. won CA$38,226 on Mega Moolah at Captain Cooks Casino

RB won CA$20,000 on Break Da Bank

Thank you so much for your email; I really appreciate the effort you took out of your very busy schedule to congratulate me! Wow, I don’t know what to say – I am very excited yet still humbled. I enjoy playing at Captain Cooks Casino because it made me a big winner and I’ll definitely be back to play more.

I played that particular day because I felt that the casino was calling my name. When I was playing, I decided to raise the bar higher and increased my bet to wager to $250. When the million dollar symbols and the others hit, I just saw the numbers go up faster than my eyes could keep up. The first person I told was my wife, she didn’t believe me because I play around and tend to make jokes a lot, until I showed her the figure from the website. She had tried an online casino a few days prior, so I decided to follow suit and try my luck.

I have lots of plans for my winnings including paying some bills, taking my family on a vacation, investing some money for the kids’ education (university) and also to see how much we can stretch the funds as my wife is a beautician and we would love to open a small spa.

What I would definitely say to all players is that the best way to win is to bet the max if it’s affordable. Captain Cooks Casino made me a big winner!!!

R.B. won CA$20,000 on Break Da Bank at Captain Cooks Casino

AF won £75,200 Basketball Star


I haven’t slept all night and I’m speechless! I still don’t believe that it has happened as things like this don’t happen to my family.

Since the first email from Casino Rewards, I’ve managed to win another £40,000 – so happy is an understatement! I had to go walk the dog at half past four this morning just to clear my head and let it sink in. I told my wife first and she’s over the moon. She’s a teacher and I’m a maintenance man at a caravan park; we’ve both gone to work very happy this morning.

How it happened is a bit of a blur, but I think I got four scatter symbols which gave me 15 Free Spins and the rest is history!

There’s nothing to it – just try your luck because you never know! Zodiac Casino is a very good casino and the Support Team are always pleasant and helpful.

Thanks Zodiac 🙂

A.F. won £75,200 shooting hoops on Basketball Star at Zodiac Casino

LC won £58,045 on Mega Moolah

To all at Luxury Casino,

Oh my god! What a mad few days it has been, it’s a dream come true, it really is. I don’t know what I’ve been doing the last few days and I don’t think it has fully sunk in yet!

I decided to play after receiving a couple of emails saying I could play for a pound. I was sitting there bored on my tea break at work and I thought – oh sod it, what’s a pound? And it went from there! I rang my wife about an hour later (as I was in a daze for about an hour). She had a moan at me for waking her up and then I told her, “I’ve just won £58,000!”. It went silent for a second and then she replied, “Oh ok, can I go back to sleep?”. She still doesn’t believe me!

The treatment at Luxury Casino is fantastic and everything about it is so professional. I can’t thank you all enough and express my gratitude. UNBELIEVABLE!! You have definitely got a life time member in me.

L.C. placed a £1.25 bet and won £58,045 on Mega Moolah at Luxury Casino

RB won €30,000 on CashOccino

I’m extremely happy about my win! I’m planning on helping out my cousin who is going through a tough time right now, and I’ll also treat myself to a big shopping spree!

Kathmandu is my favourite game but I tend to play CashOccino as I’ve won on it before. During the game, I kept triggering the Free Spins rounds, so I decided to increase my bet and it worked out very well for me!

My personal strategy includes playing my favourite games and sticking to my lucky dates! I’m so glad you called me and that I’ve been able to tell you my story – I feel very happy now indeed!

R.B. won €30,000 on CashOccino at Grand Mondial Casino

JA won €11,000 playing Couch Potato

I’m happy about winning big and am very happy to provide you with my testimonial! I have tried many games but Couch Potato is my favourite game and the one that I usually play every session. How do I feel? Very happy! The feeling is unbelievable, especially because I was thinking that I wouldn’t win and then it came.

I really love playing at Colosseum Casino. I enjoy all the bonuses and promotions that I receive, as well as their friendly 24/7 support team who are always on call to help me when I need.

My girlfriend was the first person I told. She was asleep but she woke up pretty quickly when I told her! After that, I called my brother; he didn’t believe that it was possible to win that big. I’m planning on paying all my bills and then I am going to buy something nice for my family.

Colosseum Casino… is the best casino in the whole world! I’m very happy that I can play at Colosseum 🙂

J.A. won €11,000 playing Couch Potato at Colosseum Casino

JH won £27,000 on Classic Blackjack GOLD Series

“Over the moon doesn’t come close to what I felt once I pressed the withdraw button! My friends say they have never met anyone as lucky as me (trust me not all the time). What I do know is that God is on my side and he is obviously shining a path for me.

Why do I play Blackjack? Because it’s simple and quick; double or nothing! I always believe in life that you have to risk big to win big. My initial reaction to my win was that I couldn’t believe I had done it again!

How am I spending the winnings? Well it’s not even in my account yet and the partner has made a list of what she wants! Ha! I don’t know yet! I just know it will help us to have a nice life!

To all the other players, never doubt yourself; believe in what you do no matter what the risk behind it. These may seem like strong words for gambling but it’s a way of life and sometimes brings you good luck like this!”

J.H. won £27,000 on Classic Blackjack GOLD Series at UK Casino Club

SK won CA$414,300 on Major Millions

Dear Zodiac Casino,

I’d like to take a few minutes to thank everyone I spoke with on my numerous calls after I hit the jackpot!

It’s true! I won! I had only been playing a very short time when I hit the jackpot on Major Millions – what an amazing feeling it was! The first thing I did was call my best friend who also enjoys playing the games through Zodiac!

I’ve got to admit, I was extremely sceptical that I would actually receive any of the win, this kind of luck does not happen to a girl like me, but as the first person that I spoke to told me “someone’s got to win it, why not you?”. I called the toll free number at least a dozen times to ask each time if it was really true! Everyone was so pleasant, and reassuring.

Trust me when I say this….If it happened to me, it could absolutely happen to you!! Good luck from a first time player and winner through Zodiac Casino!

S.K. won CA$414,300 on Major Millions at Zodiac Casino

Winners Stories Oct 2015

Over the last month we’ve had an incredible number of progressive jackpot winners! Have you tried your luck yet?

“I play the casino on my desktop because it is my lucky charm! I had a feeling that the Lots of Loot jackpot was about to go off as it had been several weeks since it had gone off. My husband was the first person I told and we’re planning on going on holidays! My advice to other players is that you must know how to lose first in order to win.”

L.S. won $51,300 on Lots of Loot & $20,720 on Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive over two days at Casino Action

“I don’t know what I should say. I just won €26,000 playing Mega Moolah as I was sitting on the toilet and I’m almost in tears!

Yesterday I saw a shooting star and prayed that I would win something. I received your letter in the mail with a free bonus, and my head said to me that I must play and so did my stomach. I was just on the toilet and made one spin with a bet of €3.50 and the wheel appeared! I recently read about the CasinoRewards winner who won millions while she was on the toilet and I thought to myself, wow how great would it be to win? And at that exact moment I won!

I’ll be able to clear all my debt, I’m going to go on a holiday and now I can help support my sister. I believe that luck is not by chance so my advice to others players is to sometimes play with bonus and risk it! ”

D.B. won €26,453 on Mega Moolah at Luxury Casino

“I was in shock to be honest; I had to check I was actually logged in! We’ve been saving a deposit for our own home so this money will help secure us our first family home. I told my 13 year old daughter and her first response was ‘great, you can buy me an iPhone6 now.’”

J.F. won €99,324 on Mega Moolah at UK Casino Club

“I turned my Virtual City free bonus into a huge win on my favourite game, Mega Moolah Isis. I won €26,284 during the Free Bonus game – I have never won so much! The casino’s live support was really great and they helped me in every way. I am currently unemployed so I am happy that I won! My tips for other players: start with small bets and change slots. I think Virtual City Casino is a wonderful casino!”

K.K. won €26,284 during the FreeSpins round on Mega Moolah Isis at Virtual City Casino

CS won €44,300 on Cash Splash 5 Reel

“I received a €50 bonus from the casino and decided to try different games instead of the ones I usually play. I clicked on the ‘Games’ button and randomly picked one. I chose ‘Cash Splash 5 Reel’ due to the colours and because it looked appealing. Only when the game finished loading did I notice that there was a fixed bet of €3. But it was bonus money so I just started playing.

I had been playing for about two minutes when all of a sudden, everything started flashing. There was a message on my screen: “Congratulations, you’ve won”. I didn’t believe it! I counted the numbers and tried to find the comma. But it was right; I won more than 40,000 Euro! I didn’t say anything for two days, because I still couldn’t believe it, but then I told my daughter.

I called the casino and discussed the withdrawal. The team was great; they had an answer for each and every one of my questions. My advice to all players: don’t lose hope and try out new games!”

C.S. won €44,300 playing with a bonus on CashSplash 5 Reel at UK Casino Club

PS won €15,000 on Mega Moolah

“I can’t actually believe I’m writing to tell people about my win! Dreams really do come true!

I was on my day off and decided to have a few spins on my favourite game- Mega Moolah. I had a small bit of luck the previous night and decided to reverse some of my winnings. I was playing for a couple of hours and I hit the jackpot! I danced around my living room, jumped for joy and pinched myself just to make sure I was not dreaming. Guess who won’t be going to work tomorrow?!

Keep spinning because I was like you wishing… dreaming… now I’m off to look for a new car! Thank you so much to the lovely people at Casino Rewards! “

P.S. won €15,000 on our #1 progressive slot Mega Moolah at CaptainCooksCasino

PB won $187,000 on Mystic Dream

“I was just sitting at my desk and I figured why not try Mystic Dreams? I was doing well in the first couple of FreeSpins. Then on that last FreeSpin to my excitement the dollars just kept adding up! I didn’t think it would add up that much!!! 🙂 I have never won that much all at once before! For now, I’ve set my winnings aside in my savings.”

P. B. won $187,000 on Mystic Dream at Golden Tiger Casino